kale pesto

kale has been a superfood on the rise for a while now. and there’s good reason – it’s packed with nutrients and when properly¬†prepared, it’s delicious. a lot of people think that kale… Continue reading

kitchen randomness

a glance at what’s been happening in our kitchen lately: random pictures, i know, but hey, life is random some times. we’ve been doing a pretty good job of meal planning though this… Continue reading

snow joke half marathon

yesterday was the snow joke half marathon. for a february road race in montana, the weather was beautiful. there were no posts about training for this half marathon because, well, i only sort… Continue reading

homemade croutons

i think i’ve made it clear that randy loves bread. and sometimes he even loves salad, especially if the salad involves croutons. we rarely buy croutons but as i discovered some nearly stale… Continue reading

welcome creek wilderness

randy and i both had the day off so we decided to go on a hike. about 45 minutes from where we live is the smallest wilderness area in montana: the welcome creek… Continue reading

homemade granola

i know quite a few people who make granola from scratch. i like granola so i’m not sure what took me so long to try making it. this past week i stumbled across… Continue reading

pumpkin pasta sauce

randy has a two day animal tracking class in the swan mountains so i planned a girls weekend! some girlfriends and i rented a cabin on a creek, in the mountains. we head… Continue reading

valentine’s day

we are not big valentine’s day people, at least not the commercial aspect of it. for me valentine’s day is a reminder to show or tell people that you love them and care… Continue reading

eat your lentils

no one likes to be old what to do (at least not usually). but if you’ve never tried lentils, i’m telling you: try lentils. i had eaten a few lentil soups and even… Continue reading

out with the old, in with the the older

randy has been contemplating selling his truck for a while now. he posted it on craigslist last week to see what kind of responses he would get and what do you know, he… Continue reading