hippie hotcakes

i can’t take credit for such a wonderful pancake title. i found the hippie hotcakes recipe in “Urban Pantry,” the same book where i found the almond cracker recipe. the story of how… Continue reading

seeds! dirt!

we planted our first seeds of 2013 tonight! it was so fun to have our hands in the dirt again, planting ity bity things that will ultimately provide us with fresh garden produce.… Continue reading

leek, kale, sausage and grains soup

that’s a long name for a soup, but so far i haven’t thought of anything else to call it. earlier this week my nanny family gave us a package of mozzarella and tomato… Continue reading

a wonderful birthday

yesterday was my birthday. and a wonderful day it was! i got to skype with both my sisters and both my nieces, talk to family, dinner with a sister-in-law and hang out with… Continue reading

cookies, please

i really wanted some cookies tonight. and i wanted cookies for our hike tomorrow. but cookies are one of the few things that i don’t enjoy baking (occasionally i enjoy it, but not… Continue reading

crackers & kale pesto

kale pesto may be my new favorite food. or at least snack food. and homemade kale pesto on a fresh made from scratch cracker? oh. my. goodness. i could have ate it all… Continue reading


i did swim team in elementary school and my first year of middle school, but i don’t think that i’ve swam laps since then. at least not until today. my friend elise (the… Continue reading

soup x2

my in-laws were going to visit today and spend the night but it didn’t work out due to car troubles (but they may come tomorrow!). i had soaked grains yesterday in preparation to… Continue reading

pop tarts

i’m not gonna lie, i have a thing for pop tarts. i realize they are an unhealthy, processed food and while i don’t buy them, i do like them. one of my sisters… Continue reading

a night alone

randy is away this weekend for another class in the swan valley. it sounds like a neat 3 day class and i’m happy that he was able to go (ok, and i’m a… Continue reading