9 days…

until i come home to ILLINOIS 🙂 yay. i’m stoked. until then, to the desert i go… Advertisements

pink envy (and other random pics)

after determining that i do not like hiking alone, i’ve tried to get creative with my time off. as for the pink envy title, i went shopping for kicks yesterday and found nothing… Continue reading

lake blanche (sort of)

so i decided that i wanted to explore the wasatch wilderness, the mountain range near salt lake city. i planned a 5.6 mile hike to a lake in the mountains. i packed water,… Continue reading

mountains to desert

shift two: check. we started in the mountains and then were transported to the desert where we will remain for all of winter. i was with a boys group again. was an interesting… Continue reading

the apartment.

here it is. how ironic that my roommate’s dog is named jack?! crazy.

pumpkin patch party

fall is here! i went to a local pumpking patch with some people from the church i will be attending. fun times.

shift 1

a little snow, some frost, lots of hot chocolate, frequent fires, and a few frozen water bottles later = my first shift. i enjoyed getting to know the guys in my group. lots… Continue reading

here i go…

my first rotation starts tomorrow (monday, 7 october). i think that it will be good for me to just get out there and try this thing called wilderness therapy. i’ve added a few… Continue reading

i broke my knife…but i got an EMBER!!!!!!!!

i decided to harvest a new busting set to see if i would have better luck. i made a new base board and spindle. in the process of carving out the trench (where… Continue reading


who knew matches were over-rated?! not me. i love ’em and i miss them. when working for second nature, matches and lighters are not an option. they only start fires through a process… Continue reading