phone dump

no internet really hinders blog posts. and a phone with a camera seems to hinder taking actual pictures. so here are some pictures from july until now!

randy and baby elyse on family vacation


IMG_0114i had asked randy for an elk shaped pancake. good work!

IMG_0226biggest fish i’ve ever caught. we had a blast salmon fishing on lake michigan

IMG_0261not gonna lie, i got rather scared on these windy, tight 4 wheel trails

IMG_0377april came to visit! so why not shoot a potato gun?!

IMG_0549jess came to visit! taking a dip in the creek post hike.

IMG_0638joe, donneta, and family came to visit! so wonderful having them here and showing them around northwest montana.

IMG_0587cast iron lasagna. our version of italian cooking.

IMG_0644summer haircuts on the porch (and unexpected photos)

IMG_0663pickin’ huckleberries

IMG_0736cousin’s wedding in texas. it was great to see family.

IMG_0754i also got to see channing! barton springs in austin, TX

IMG_0773quick backpacking trip to bluebird lake

IMG_0838hiking down after summiting kasanka peak

IMG_0837my first time shooting a grouse

IMG_0933house sitting on 22 acres with a gorgeous mountain view. and a splendid kitchen. made acorn squash with rice, kale, chard, and grouse for friends

IMG_0936elise and jake came to visit! hiking with the dogs

IMG_0948sauteed squash, kale, and swish chard. fall cooking has begun!

IMG_0970classic montana evening

IMG_1004flat tires happen. and this guy remains completely calm.

IMG_0984took a new staff member on a hike up therriault pass – snow!

IMG_0991coffee and pumpkin bread snack mid yike? yes, please!

IMG_1021we bought 50+ lbs of food from a local organic farm (tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, squash, kale, chard). we were planning to can the tomatoes, but i decided to make a tomato pie instead. had seen the recipe somewhere and have been wanting to try it. it was delicious!

IMG_1033we cut up and froze the rest of the tomatoes. we had to take them in to town to store in our freezer, which is currently living at my sister-in-law’s house. randy carried the tomatoes out to the car along with the shotgun for grouse hunting. i found him like this when i arrived at the truck.

IMG_1038after many misses, i finally got a grouse again

IMG_1051making pickled carrots

IMG_1078trip to missoula for a special church service and to visit friends. jess and i used to hike this trail together almost weekly



(rotate fail). we met some friends at a nice italian restaurant in missoula. this caramel latte was probably the most delicious latte i’ve ever had. we joked about latte art being a sign that we were in the “big city”

IMG_1120fall hike with my favorite

IMG_1125making a strawberry-rhubarb pie for friends. i love my grandma’s pie crust recipe, both the taste and the special-ness of using her recipe. randy said, “out of all the pies we’ve made since knowing each other, this one is in my top 5. no, top 3.” i’ll take it!



randy made lilac laundry powder while i made the pie

IMG_113480’s fun run for work. this is what happens when you work with teenagers

IMG_1158house and animal sitting for my in-laws. feels more like a weekend get away. we’ve had friends over for dinner the past two nights because we love having the space to do so!



my boys enjoying the wood stove

IMG_1173a picture from our backroads drive this morning. i missed a grouse, randy didn’t. when there is fog in the valley head for the mountains!

hunting season (rifle season) opens next saturday. i won’t be able to do as much hunting as i’d like due to work, but i’ll get out there a bit. we have definitely been cooking more now that the weather is colder and daylight hours are less. loving all the beautiful yellow larch trees.