i love camping with my husband

boring title, i know. but it’s the truth.

this weekend randy and i went backpacking just us ,for the first time. it was wonderful and relaxing. in fact, we had the entire alpine lake to ourselves the first day.

good morning, bluebird lake.

good morning, bluebird lake.

there were several times that i sat in my camping chair, simply watching randy do his thing. i’m not very good at sitting still, but camping forces me to slow down and enjoy the simple things. a few explanations for the title of this post:

  • i loved watching randy fish (and eventually joining him). i knew he was enjoying himself and i certainly enjoyed the trout he cooked us for dinner
  • i loved watching randy enthusiastically try to catch grasshoppers for me to use as bait. i wish i had it on video
  • i love that i began to gather wood for a fire and then randy came along with his hatchet, making all the  wood just the right size
  • i love that while i was enjoying the fire, randy surprised me with some wild strawberries he had picked
  • i love that when randy got out of the tent early in the morning he said, “you’ve gotta get up and see the sunlight shining on the mountains.”
  • i love that we work together to make a fire and get water boiling for coffee immediately after waking up
  • i love that he gets excited about huckleberries and points out “prime picking” bushes
  • i love that he suggested hiking straight up a mountainside after dinner
  • i love that he used rocks to make a cooler at the edge of the lake
  • i love that we can sit in silence and take it all in

sappy? perhaps. but after a very busy summer and what will be a busy next month (or more), this backpacking adventure was just what i needed. it’s easy to forget the extra calmness that comes with backpacking versus car camping. it had been too long.

the view from our tent window

the view from our tent window

we hiked to the top of kasanka the next day - beautiful views!

we hiked to the top of kasanka the next day – beautiful views!

and now it’s september, which is my favorite month in Montana. great weather and great seasonal foods. we did some grouse hunting on our way home because today was opening day. we each got several grouse. we’re thinking that we’re going to make a 9th of the month grouse BBQ pizza 🙂 thankful for a weekend camping in the mountains.