we’re still here…and so is the snow!

haven’t done a blog post in a while. has been a busy couple of weeks with lots to think about as we transition in to summer (oh wait, that won’t come for months). but we are thinking ahead since being a student (randy) and working school-related jobs (me) equals changing schedules in the summer.

as for the snow, it’s back. we got hail and snow today, nearly in blizzard form. i don’t even want to look at our plants in the morning. it feels like they are growing so slowly.

we haven’t cooked anything too unique lately and i don’t actually feel like i’ve spent much time in the kitchen. i’m almost always hungry though, so i still think about food often. i have been cooking more for my nanny family which makes me less excited to cook when i get home (but nice that i can eat on the job!).

spring bear season is open and randy hopes to get out soon. i don’t want to hunt bear until i’ve tasted one so hopefully randy is able to give me that opportunity. mostly i want the lard for baking. we tried to do some bear scouting this afternoon, but the weather and poor visibility altered our plans. we made a fire and chatted by a creek instead:)

spring in MT

spring in MT

i’m thankful for seasons. if anything, unpleasant weather makes me especially excited for the upcoming season. i can’t wait for summer!