“Ancient Grains for Modern Meals”

made a quick stop at the library this afternoon and i am pathetically excited about the cookbook i checked out:

"Ancient Grains for Modern Meals"

“Ancient Grains for Modern Meals”

i have only very briefly flipped through the  book but within the first few pages it said that barley naturally lowers cholesterol (yahoo! i’m gonna eat lots of it). there is a delicious sounding stew recipe: lamb (i’ll use venison) stew with wheat berries in red wine sauce. a breakfast recipe: creamy farro with honey-roasted grapes. a salad recipe: farrow salad with carrots and pomegranate. or warm wheat berries with walnuts and gorgonzola. i’m also excited about these two whole grain chili recipes i found online last night: vegetarian chili with lentils and zesty wheat berry-black bean chili. anyway, not many of these recipes are good for week nights because they require a decent amount of preparation but i’m excited to try some on the weekends!