snow and Advent.

i love summer and fall because it means lots of hiking and time outdoors. but there is something special and so fresh about the first snowfall of the year. we went to a church christmas party last night and i didn’t realize that it was snowing the entire time we were inside! we drove home, thankful for church and friends and smiling at the fresh snow on the ground.

the view out of family room window this morning.

the view out of our family room window this morning.

i also love mornings. i haven’t been able to sleep in all fall due to hunting season and let me tell you, it was so nice to not set an alarm last night! i was up by 8:30 (that’s sleeping in for me). i had a nice quiet morning, just me, my coffee and fallon. randy is much better at sleeping in. i made myself some whole wheat pancakes and topped them with fresh raspberries (gift from a friend yesterday) and huckleberries (picked by yours truly). then i sat down to read my favorite Advent book, which always reminds me of why this time of year is so meaningful. the other day i mentioned to someone that i was already behind in my daily Advent readings. she told me that wasn’t possible, that Advent isn’t about getting behind. it’s actually about slowing down, about waiting and about looking forward. i have a sufficient to do list today, but i’m thankful for a slow morning to get grounded and enjoy this new day.

this plate is from our wedding :)

this plate is from our wedding 🙂

a few items on my list:

-write christmas cards

-make venison chili

-make treats for tonight’s game night with friends!

happy weekend!