over budget and lack of planning

we went over our food budget for november. not surprised since we kept buying food once we had hit $100. and with it being month two of a very tight (too tight?) food budget, there aren’t too many complaints here. we also slacked on our meal planning the last week of the month so we ended up buying spur the moment ingredients for meal ideas, which is not the cheapest way to go about cooking. we somewhat arbitrarily chose $100/month for food. i read a blog about a family of four that does it so i figured a family of two could sure give it a solid try. if we want to be serious about it we’ll have to get creative in our shopping and grow more root veggies that can last us through the winter.

with the holidays often comes extra expenses (and eating), so we’re trying to be better at meal planning again this month. i sat down on sunday afternoon and planned our meals, with randy’s input. i was having trouble coming up with ideas so i searched the cupboards and fingered through a few cookbooks. i really need to utilize “Simply in Season” more – in season foods are often on sale because, well, they are in season! and we still have carrots, onions and potatoes left from our garden, which resulted in:

potato soup! almost forgot we had a few potatoes left from our garden. the organic veggie stock is from a recently expired grocery store so it was cheap :)

potato soup!

definitely growing more carrots and onions next year

definitely hope to plant more onions and carrots next year.


the finished product. the recipe says you can add cheese or ground meat, but i left that out for health (and budget) reasons. will probably make this recipe again as it’s healthy, hearty, pretty cheap and easy!