deer harvested again!

hunting season in Montana ended sunday, november 25th. we were leaving or vacation the Tuesday before, so randy’s last day to hunt was monday. he skipped class (yikes!) and headed out to one of our favorite hunting spots from this fall. it was worth it because he harvested a muley buck! more meat for the freezer. he can still harvest several does with his bow because he drew some special late season tags. that might sound like hunting/shooting a lot of deer, but you typically only get 30-40lbs of meat per deer (for a small to average size deer), which is not a ton of meat for two omnivores. that said, he can bow hunt for does until January 15th.

randy’s 2012 buck

we still need to finish butchering my deer and to completely butcher randy’s deer.  butchering is my least favorite part of the hunting for your food process but it’s a necessary step to getting the meat in your freezer. and that way we have done it all ourselves, making the cuts we want and assuring that it’s quality meat. as much as i hope to harvest an elk some day, i cannot imagine butchering such a large animal!

i’m both sad and glad that hunting season is over. sad because it’s quality time in the woods, with randy and hunting for food (i mean, hiking & eating are a pretty great combination!). glad because it means i can get more sleep on the weekends and not feel guilty for being in bed at 5am instead of en route to the top of a mountain in search of deer.

i may take bow hunter safety this spring and give bow hunting a try next fall. not sure I’ll do it or that I’ll like it if i do. bow hunting requires a lot of patience and sitting still, not to mention skill.  for now I’ll enjoy using and creating new venison recipes. send them this way if you’ve got ‘em! (or beef recipes; venison can easily be substituted).