deer harvested!

i filled my buck tag on monday morning. believe me, it wasn’t as simple as typing out that sentence. well, in a way it was as the deer was near the road and despite having hiked around for miles and hours all weekend, i ended up harvesting a deer with relatively little effort in the moment. which is actually rather frustrating and makes for a boring story. but it’s a deer and will provide some healthy (and tasty!) meat for us this year. i realize that hiking up a mountain in the bob marshall wilderness, tracking a buck and shooting the first one i see, followed by getting engaged the next day will probably be my most epic hunting story ever. although if i ever shoot an elk or get in to bow hunting and harvest something with an archery tag that would be quite exciting (but no where close as exciting and surprising as when randy popped the question!).

the other thing with filling my deer tag is that as happy as i was to have harvested a deer, i was also instantly bummed that hunting season was over for a year. we get up early, hike all day and work hard hunting for deer, hoping to harvest one. and then when it happens it’s over, just like that. sure, there are more animals you can hunt in MT other than deer but this is only my 2nd season hunting and i’m still learning, not to mention working full time. we have already discussed the hope to get back in the bob marshall next year for a hunt but we’ll see if it works out.

in short, we had a wonderful “hunting honeymoon” over veteran’s day weekend. the cabin we rented was part of my wedding gift to randy. pretty sure we’re going to turn it in to a november tradition 🙂

the cozy cabin we rented. i forgot that it didn’t have running water or indoor plumbing. made for some cold visits to the outhouse but still a great cabin!

my boys 🙂

my 2012 deer. a small one, but local, organic, in-season and tasty just the same. and small deer often taste better (more tender).

the happy hunters/couple.

going to hunt hard this saturday in hopes that we see a buck and randy can fill his buck tag. regardless he has 3 late season doe tags (archery) and he can hunt til early january this year so hopefully we’ll have at least one more deer in the freezer.

started to butcher my deer last night; it’s quite the process. having some friends over for venison steaks tonight, complete with au gratin potatoes, green beans, biscuits, salad and huckleberry pie. hunting and butchering make me really appreciate good meat. let’s just say that we will enjoy tonight’s dinner 🙂