locks for coffee

i’ve needed a hair cut for a while now. my hair has grown out in all different layers and i rarely wear it down. if i have long hair and don’t wear it down, i vote chop it off. but have you gotten a professional hair cut lately? they’re not cheap! a “dry cut” (no wash) at an average salon here is $39. i’m not too picky about my hair and since college i’ve had a personal rule that if i ask a friend if she’d be up for cutting my hair, i’ll let her based on her reaction. if she looks horrified, no thanks. if she says, “i’d be up for that! it could be fun!” then give her some scissors, please.

april cut my hair while she lived in MT but alas, we no longer live in the same place. so i asked my co-worker at the pre-school and she was up for it! she came to our house after work yesterday and gave my hair a good chopping. and i am mighty satisfied. i told her i’d buy her a cup of coffee at work next week. not a bad deal!

some of my locks on the bathroom floor

no final product picture yet as i currently have some serious bed head. plus, this post was merely delaying all the dishes that need to be washed so i better get on it.