house tour

the sisters keep asking for house pictures so here is a starter, mostly of the kitchen and bathroom. the other rooms are still getting unpacked!

ta da! the new place.

the kitchen

what we’re calling “the breakfast nook” because it has the toaster, coffee pot and bread.

the cute measuring cups and spoons go on this little shelf, along with the frequently used spices (garlic and alpine touch).

the other side of the kitchen. still need to do some organizing to make it more appealing to the eye (this is not where we eat; this table is essentially extra counter/work space).

and another wall in the kitchen (that door leads to the bathroom).

and the final wall in the kitchen. this door leads to a sun/mud room of sorts, which is currently full of all our empty boxes.

the bathroom

the bathroom again (obviously 🙂 )

a sneak peak at what we hope to finish unpacking next: our bedroom!

our first house guest comes on thursday (yay jeremy!) so we better make the guest room accessible 🙂