ADHD in the kitchen

so, sometimes i get caught in the middle of several different cooking endeavors when i’m in the kitchen. this morning was such a time. after making randy his birthday breakfast, i started the cake so it could cool and then be frosted.

the best chocolate cake recipe ever. got it from a college friend.

then i moved on to au gratin potatoes. i was going to simply do mashed potatoes, but randy has mentioned how he loves au gratin potatoes and if i don’t make them on his birthday when would i? let’s just say that it’s a great way to add a lot of cholesterol to potatoes (why i don’t usually make them).

i decided to tackle the few remaining garden tomatoes that were going moldy. i didn’t want to can anything that had mold cut off it so i threw them in a pot to make sauce. guess we’re having pasta at some point next week!

by then the cake had cooled (and crumbled, ugh) and was ready to be frosted. we’re going by taste not looks on this one. it’s just randy and i tonight so we may be eating cake for a while. but let’s be honest, chocolate cake and coffee make an excellent breakfast!

the venison steaks are thawing and i’m going to run to the store to get some green beans (this girl’s gotta have something that isn’t covered in cheese or bacon for dinner). plus randy liked the green beans i made the other night so we’ll go for round two.

i love being in the kitchen!