the laundromat and internet.

well, the insecure (free!) internet source was short lived. woke up the next morning and it no longer existed. oh well. our internet should be getting hooked up tomorrow. no internet has helped encourage unpacking, though there is still lots to do.

i am currently on a packing break, and let me tell you, this is some break. i’m doing four (+) loads of laundry at the laundromat. they have free coffee and internet – yahoo! with no dryer, moving and a crappy washing machine (there is really no other way to put it), laundry as an activity has been scarce lately. we’ve been checking craigslist and we hope to get a washer and dryer soon. that said, it’s time for me to start folding because all the loads are nearly done!

our life in a truck. this is at the “old” house.

our life is now out of this truck and all in the new house. for the most part we have the furniture where we want it and now we need to finish unpacking boxes and getting rid of the empty boxes.