moved in (sort of)

we’re sleeping in our new (rental) house tonight!

i almost had a melt down on friday night as we packed late in to the night. i just couldn’t take all the boxes and clutter. but several friends helped us with the move and together we were amazingly productive and effecient. and dare i say it was even a little fun, at least the chatting and snacking part was. we really couldn’t have done it without the help from our friends. tomorrow we will go to the “old” house and clean it really well so the new tenants can move in. then it’s back to unpacking at this place.

the new kitchen! a friend helped me unpack all the kitchen goodies – SO helpful!

pleasantly surprised with how well the move went. and happy that the heavy lifting is done. and that a bed with clean sheets awaits me. yes, i’m wearing a shirt that has a herd of elk on it (it’s randy’s; my new thing is to wear his clothes).

it’s only 8:03pm but we’re heading to bed. we were up rather late packing last night and we’ve had a full day, to say the least. randy is reading via a camping lantern because the outlets in this house are old and we need converters. that can happen tomorrow. i’m “stealing” internet from an insecure network (why do people do that?). on a completely random note, we tried a jar of our pickled carrots to celebrate being in the new house. definitely tasty, but we would add more dill next time.