mind wanderings

i’ve been working some later evenings lately and i don’t feel like doing much when i get home (don’t worry, i don’t skip dinner!). i should really be packing boxes but instead i’m catching up on email, reading blogs, looking up christmas present ideas and thinking about all sorts of things. randy is writing a paper so it will be a late night for him; i’m fading, quickly.

we move in to town on saturday. i don’t think i’m mentally (or physically) ready for all that a move requires, but we’ll get the job done. honestly, i hate moving big things and lifting heavy furniture. i’m often afraid that something will get dropped and someone will get hurt. that said, i am very excitedabout shortening my commute and using my own two legs to get to work. and being able to hang out in the evenings when a friend calls spur the moment. and having a fenced in yard for fallon with some garden space. i think what i’ll miss most about living outside of town is the quietness and the wood stove. can’t have a wood stove in city limits 😦

i’d rather be hunting this weekend. but even getting to various hunting areas will be slightly easier once we live in town. hopefully we’ll get out the following weekend…for randy’s birthday! though i’ve only hunted one full day and a short evening so far this season, i’m slowly realizing that there is no guarantee that i’ll get a deer. i’ve always known that, but harvesting stats are a bit low this year all across this area. there is still time and we’re hopeful that we’ll have at least one deer in the freezer this year.

teaching pre-school has been surprisingly interesting. i am learning lots of fun ways to help children learn and it’s amazing to me how you can include numbers, letters, colors and more in almost any situation or story! or using various manipulative toys to help with dexterity and mobility. today a small group of students and i “sewed” animal shapes and built cars out of funky blocks. at first the students didn’t understand how to do it and one even said, “i can’t,” but with a little encouragement they were building and sewing away. it is safe to say that finger paint, play dough, sand, goldfish crackers, wiping tables, the ABC’s, counting and more are all a part of my daily work life.

i miss having fresh veggies from the garden and i’m already dreaming of next year. we still have potatoes, carrots & onions to eat, but they could easily be gone by december. we’ll try to do a better job of storing up next year.

our planned meals have gone pretty well lately. we haven’t done much grocery shopping the past two weeks. we won’t quite make our grocery budget this month as we’re at $115 with a few days left, but i’m ok with that. it’s an improvement and the intentionality was definitely there. plus we have some foods we bought in bulk that will carry over to next month. and we help provide dinner for our church small group once a week so that’s a more expensive meal.  we have a few packages of venison left from last year but are really hoping to restock the freezer soon.

and those are my wandering thoughts for the evening. no pictures this post as i’m on randy’s ancient computer (we call it the airplane because it makes so much noise you’d think it was taking off every time you turn it on). feeling busy lately, but thankful for my 2 jobs, randy, our church community, family and new friends. the list could go on…