so, we basically froze our own garden. the garden space we share at my nanny family’s house has permanent sprinklers that are on a timer. perfect and wonderful for watering the garden this summer. not so perfect when said sprinklers water the garden one night when temperatures reach 30 degrees, literally freezing our plants. SIGH. it was rather sad and disappointing to find our tomato, cucumber, corn and pumpkin plants frozen the next day. the broccoli and onions survived, but our garden is mostly done for this year. a look at this week’s harvest:

yellow pear tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers (lemon cucumbers, too…not a huge fan) and potatoes.

a colorful handful of garden goodies.

we may get a few more things harvested this year but if not we’ve sure learned a lot and already have ideas for next year’s garden. we have a lot of winter months to plan (have i mentioned that winter sometimes lasts 6+ months in MT?!).