our daily bread

after a frustrating morning of hunting i decided to come home and freeze veggies and make bread. randy loves bread. like he really loves bread. he especially loves homemade bread. so i took a stab at homemade sandwhich bread. and what do you know, it worked! it raised, it baked and it’s delicious! i used this recipe from a farming blog.

step one: mix ingredients! the easiest step.

the 2nd rising stage…let it rise until you press your fingers in to it and the dough doesn’t pop back. randy made a fire in the stove just so the bread would rise throughout the different stages. it was toasty in our house.

didn’t take pictures of every step (shocking, i know). but taking the bread out of the oven and placing it on cooling racks is a very fun and rewarding step.

homemade bread with homemade strawberry/rhubarb jam. lekker. we ate both the little loves fresh out of the oven.


this bread makes delicious toast

also makes delicious grilled cheese, complete with garden tomato slices

we’ve already eaten 3/4 of a loaf. we may have to start rationing our bread! it’s not hard to make, but it takes time because there are 3 stages that it has to rise. the taste and quality ingredients may have me convinced to regularly bake bread.