deer! deer! deer!

a deer. but not in a good way. this is how yesterday morning went:

5:01 am ~ wake up and get ready for a morning of hunting

5:30 am ~ leave the house

about 5:33 am ~ i saw 2 deer in the middle of the rode and shouted “deer! deer! deer!” in case randy didn’t see him. he slammed on the breaks so as not to hit them and the (stupid) deer stepped right in front of our truck. *thwack*

5:34 am ~ we pulled off the road and accessed the damage. the deer died instantly and the blinkers on the truck were no longer working, the drink holder broke and our coffee had spilled. we drove back to the house to switch cars and head out hunting.

6:45 am ~ arrived to the area we wanted to hunt as 2 other hunters got out of their car they had just parked there. drove on to other areas to hunt only to find cars about every 2 miles. in other words, hunters everywhere.

7:30 am ~ find a small area to hunt. see 2 mule deer (which we can’t shoot) and lots of sign of elk, but no animals.

10:45 am ~ go to the farmer’s market and buy vegetables to freeze for winter.

it was a rather frustrating morning. we spent money on gas getting to where we wanted to hunt, only to damage our truck and hunt in a random location. it was still great to be together and we will be even more thankful if/when we get a deer or elk.

and i’m really thankful for a husband who is willing to try fixing things on his own. i was fairly worried and stressed about how much it would cost to fix his truck (it was making a really weird noise), but leave it to randy to get parts for $8 and make it run again. the bumper hangs down a bit, but we can live with that 🙂