hunting season is here!

well, bow season is here. randy bow hunts but i have yet to take a bow hunting class so i can’t bow hunt. at least not yet. that said, after 2 days of joining randy on his bow hunts i think i may stick to rifle season for now.  bow hunting requires a lot more patience and you must get much closer to the animal. not bad things, but it requires more skill, more knowledge of an animal’s typical behavior and habitat and a whole lot of being perfectly still. i think one of my biggest fears of joining randy on his bow hunts is moving too much and spooking an animal. but, it’s a great opportunity for me to learn more about hunting and i could help him pack something out if he gets a deer or elk.

our first day hunting as husband and wife

bushwhacking up a hillside. it’s hard to hike quietly when everything is so dry and crunchy!

after hiking for several hours we stopped for lunch. looked at our watch and it was only 8:30 am! did i mention that we got up in the 4’s and left the house promptly at 5am?! cuz we did. hiked in the dark for the first hour and were sitting down by sunrise in a spot that we had hoped would be good for seeing deer or elk. not so much on that day. i think i had lunch 3 times on saturday 🙂

hunting is still new for me and occasionally i can’t believe that i hike around the woods looking for a deer to shoot and then eat the meat throughout the year (though those occasional thoughts seem to happen less and less). i realize that hunting can be a contriversal subject/lifestyle to some people and i’m not suggesting that it’s the only way to go about eating meat, if you do indeed eat meat.  that said, randy and i feel that it is a great way to put healthy and good food on the table. to us, hunting is more than a way to get good, healthy food – it is time in the woods, time together, carrying on a tradition that people around the world have been doing for years, it requires patience and educating yourself and it also provides exercise. hunting takes a lot of time and you don’t get an animal each time you go out to hunt (in fact, you couldn’t, because you can only get certain tags. aka: hunting and conservation are very closely related). but, it combines a lot of our passions, not to mention it provides a whole lot of time to think or pray. i  say a prayer prior to each time we go out hunting. i don’t say the same thing each time, but below is a prayer taken from the “Simply in Season” cookbook. i like the wording:


Generous God, Source of all we enjoy around this table,

thank you for the rich flavors, crisp colors, and simple foods that fill us and please us.

We remember those who have labored long on our behalf. For farmers near and far,

for their households, their land and their communities, we ask your sustaining grace.

Give hope, health, and fruitfulness to your people who farm.

Fill us with the Spirit’s generosity and joy so that we may fittingly eat at the table you have set

and serve the world you have made. Amen.


gardening and hunting makes me thankful for food in a new way. that said, i am thankful for the opportunity to go hunting.