“i’m on my way home…”

i always call randy when i leave work and am heading home. he gets home first and i usually don’t know what time i’ll be home for work so i give him a shout when i’m headed that way. i’m usually pretty hungry (when am i not hungry?) and we briefly discuss dinner plans on this phone call. i called him around 5:5o pm tonight, saying that after my 30 minute drive home i would be pretty hungry. i started throwing out a bunch of dinner ideas, none that i was particularly excited about and he kept saying, “we’ll figure something out.”

little did i know that he had already figured something out and that a delicious and large dinner was waiting for me when i got home, candlelight and all!

salmon (from pike’s market – been in the freezer since our honeymoon), steamed broccoli and kale (from the garden), rice, roasted potatoes and sparkling apple cider. he even folded the napkins cute with the silverware inside 🙂

thankful. for lots.