a weekend of good eats

as randy and i were cooking lunch this past sunday afternoon, we realized that every meal we ate last weekend was created from something we grew or harvested: salmon dip, hucklberry/peach bread, venison broccoli pasta salad, huckleberry pancakes, venison burgers & garden veggie sides. we didn’t even totally do it on purpose, we were simply trying to use the fresh foods in our fridge. we are trying to be better about eating food that’s in our house (yes, even truly non-perishables) before grocery shopping.

tara got me a cookbook called “simply in season” for my birthday last spring and for some reason i am just now truly putting it to use. i looked through the entire book last week and marked all the recipes i want to try. this weekend i tried a fruit bread and a pasta salad made from things we harvested. both were great! funny how that works when you actually follow a recipe 🙂

making grape jam. someone gave me a huge bag of grapes and we couldn’t eat them fast enough so we jammed ’em!

randy made venison/black bean/rice burritos and froze them so we can grab a ziploc bag with the innards to a burrito and a tortilla for wrapping it up. a quick, easy, energizing and healthy lunch for long days hunting.

hucklberry/peach bread from “simply in season.” they say you can use essentially any fruit. super easy and lekker!

venison broccoli pasta salad (cold), complete with red onions from our garden. the sauce is a sesame oil/ginger/soy/red pepper sort of sauce. never would have come up with it on my own.

goat cheese & kale stuffed venison burger on a focaccia roll, cucumber mint salad & sauteed green beans. mmmmmmm. followed by huckleberry/peach pie.

did i mention that we cooked and ate a lot last weekend?!