he makes pie, i make cobbler.

at this point in our marriage (ya know, month 2.5), randy is the better pie maker. the crusts he makes are so deliciously flakey. i’m beginning to accept that my husband makes better pies than me. and yet tonight i felt the need and had the desire to make a quality dessert for us. i wanted something fruity, tasty and quick! and i wanted to use our cute individual dishes. with fresh peaches and huckleberries, cobbler came to mind. of course i looked at a few recipes and followed none of them completely (when will i learn?), but the cobbler turned out edible. and it was dairy free…aka: low-cholesterol! even the coconut milk vanilla bean ice-cream has minimal cholesterol.

the girls i nanny came to our house one day this week. they had never had pie of any kind, so randy made them personal huckleberry pies.

huckleberry + peach = mmmmmmm. i realize peaches aren’t local, but they were on sale since they’re in season in many places. i always think of my grandpa H when i cook with peaches 🙂

you can’t go wrong with ice-cream on a cobbler fresh out of the oven, even if it is a bit runny.

randy approved.