an afternoon & evening experimenting in the kitchen

randy and i spent over 4 hours in the kitchen together yesterday evening. it was wonderful. we’ve been experimenting with some canning, chicken stock making and more.

getting ready for fun in the kitchen!

a fun cutting board someone had made for us

we splurged and bought a whole chicken earlier last week. it was 4+ meals for us and then we decided to make chicken stock and can it so we can make yummy soups in the winter!

randy made a MT quadra-berry pie from things we or family harvested: raspberry/cherry/strawberry/huckleberry. lekker!

my first time making jam! well, i made it with family once, but never by myself. i went for the no pectin recipe this time around (just fruit, sugar and lemon zest). it took a long time to cook it so next time i may try actually using the pectin.

huckleberry goodness

after re-reading the recipe i finally realized that i should be going by temperature instead of consistency because it wasn’t thickening. after we canned it it got nice and jam like. can’t wait to eat it!

we were using all of these books as references

glad we bought the wide mouth funnel, per a suggestion in the book “modern homestead”

randy’s beautiful, delicious and romantic pie

randy wanted to use the bit of chicken that was left and the carrots, celery and spices that were in with the chicken while we boiled it down for two hours (the carrots were the first carrots from our garden!). the guy loves casseroles so he made a chicken, veggie, tater tot, pasta, cheesy, breadcrumb casserole. he made a mini casserole for me with significantly less cholesterol 🙂

we had our share of fumbles and will do things a bit differently next time we can, but overall it went well for our first time. and it was fun! i’m especially excited to make and can marina sauce from fresh tomatoes. and then enjoy all the yumminess throughout the winter (if we can refrain from eating it before then).