giving thanks for the harvest

i have been pleasantly surprised by how much i’m enjoying having a garden. it is a lot of work, but it is so satisfying to put a seed in the ground, water it, give it yummy compost and let nature do its thing. and then enjoy its deliciousness! in fact, i might even say that perhaps i’m falling in love with gardening. or at least i seriously like it.

gardening also makes me think even more about where my food comes from and eating things that are in season. i often thought eating in season foods was the hippie thing to do. perhaps it somewhat is, but i’ve been thinking about it more at least (and some people call me a hippie, so i guess it’s fitting that i should ponder this). i’m going to try my hand at canning now that we own a canner/pressure cooker  – thanks, channing! a book titled “modern homesteading” has some great advice. i have a lot to learn.

as for the title of this post…randy and i pray together before each meal and we are intentional to give thanks for any food that we grew or in some way harvested (aka: veggies, berries, herbs, venison or fish). as i learn more about hunting and fishing, i continue to realize that it is much more than a hobby or even just time in the woods. it is a way to put food on the table and, in my opinion, a healthy, thoughtful, enjoyable and satisfying way to do so. huckleberry season is upon us and we hope to do some picking soon. we are truly thankful for the opportunity to grow and harvest some of our own food.

our garden

harvested kale, romaine, spicy lettuce, lettuce, broccoli and chard. can’t wait for even more veggies to be in season!

half the fun of gardening is getting dirty!

greens from our garden accompany nearly every meal lately

a huckleberry, kale and cilantro smoothie, all things we harvested. lekker, though next time i’d put in less (or no) cilantro.

we enjoyed some venison spaghetti on this evening, thanks to getting a meat grinder attachment for our kitchenaid mixer. and of course a salad from the garden.

huckleberry waffles! pretty ridiculous that we still had huckleberries left from LAST july – what can i say, a lot of things happened in the last year 🙂 will try do a better job using things in a more timely manner; i read of a good way to keep an inventory of your freezer or pantry so i might have to give it a try.

i guess that’s as philosophical and opinionated of a post i’ve done in a while. thoughts welcome!