family camping trip number 2

we went camping again last weekend, this time for two nights. we camped near holland lake in the swan valley. it was beautiful! our campsite was average, but it’s nice to simply be cooking over a fire and sleeping outside. and while we were canoeing on the lake we found a nice pristine campsite on forest service land that we hope/plan to camp at later in the summer.

having a canoe is simply great. we’re not camping this weekend so that we can get some things done around the house. by 1pm i had done 5 loads of laundry and they’re nearly all dry (when you don’t have a dryer, that’s an accomplishment). it’s so satisfying to have completely empty laundry baskets.

family canoe photo!

i. love. canoeing.

Randy cooks backstraps over the fire. mmmmmmmmmm.

and i made pancakes over the fire the next 2 mornings! with coffee, of course.

the biggest fish i’ve caught (which is not that big). a northern pikeminnow.

i like to look down at my ring that symbolizes my forever commitment to Randy 🙂

this was after enjoying a rope swing several times each

probably won’t be able to number each family camping trip post because (hopefully) there will be a lot of them! or at least a lot of trips, can’t promise a post about each one.