family camping trip!

that’s right, we went on our first family camping trip. the month of june was both wonderful and busy, so this was the first chance we had to go camping since being married. a month might not sound like a long time to not go camping, but to live in montana and not camp at all in june is unusual for each of us. but all the fun happenings were worth the wait. and WE BOUGHT A CANOE! totally worth capital letters because for years i’ve wanted to own a canoe and drive around with one on top of my car. it happened 🙂 it’s so calming to be out on the water in a canoe, fishing pole in hand. especially with your husband in the boat. we got a little to rocky for my comfort a few times due to fallon standing up, trying to eat bugs, or scratching himself. for his first time in a canoe he did great! we’re camping and canoeing again this weekend. i can’t wait.

our canoe (yet to be named) on top of mochachino (our car)!

coffee + camping = 🙂

our first family camping trip with hopefully many more to come.