on the 29th day…

…of marriage, randy asked me, “do you ever cook bread?” he asked it in the sweetest and most genuine manner. we were cooking dinner together and discussing, of course, food. he proceeded to say, “have you ever had my grandma’s dinner rolls? they’re so good. and homemade white bread…mmmm.” i have had his (now our) grandma’s dinner rolls and they are lekker, especially hot out of the oven.

i’ve only made bread from scratch a few times in my life. randy made it once in our pre-dating days. we joke that he was trying to turn me on with his baking skills. it worked 🙂 it seems that every time i make something with active yeast it’s hit or miss. i don’t work until later this afternoon so i thought i’d try making us some dinner rolls. try being the key word. they didn’t rise enough and alas, i have dense dinner rolls. think i need to practice my bread-making skills. if you know of a good (and ideally easy!) bread recipe, please share!

dear bread: please rise. i was hoping the sunshine from this heatwave would be enough warmth, but not so much. i ended up putting it on top of the pre-heating oven for a while.

not exactly rising

they were supposed to fill up the whole pan. oops.

a dense dinner roll, anyone? i haven’t tasted them yet, hopefully they’re at least edible.

i used this recipe. they look nice and fluffy on the website! i’m not vegan, but i do try to limit dairy and meat, hence the vegan recipe. better luck next time.