4th of july

we had our first R&C holiday! i had to work a half day and randy had the whole day off. it was a beautiful day complete with hanging pictures around the house, making a delicious meal together, going on an evening drive in the mountains, letting fallon get some exercise and of course a western movie. we didn’t even go somewhere to watch fireworks but we could sure hear them. we’ve decided that it would be a great tradition to have venison burgers every 4th of july – that means we’ll have to hunt hard each fall!

randy grills up the lekker venison burgers he made (and i ground the meat thanks to a kitchenaid attachment!)

wearing the awesome apron erica got me. i love aprons.

whoever said cooking for 2 is easier…we always end up with way too much food.

fallon was very interested in the venison burgers.

try getting your mouth around that!

i tried. it sorta worked but it was messy.

hunting scouting – elk poop on the ground and a tree is rubbed from either an elk or a moose (see it?!)

the way R drinks from a stream. yes, i’ve done it too.

was a great day afternoon and evening. probably because we were together.