moving in for real

my parents graciously drove a full van that was pulling a trailer loaded down with furniture all the way to montana. it was great to have them see our new home and now we have more furniture! we even increased our guest bed capacity so come visit 🙂

load number 1…

even jack made the trip! mom and dad did a stellar job packing the trailer.

excited to get our foodsaver! hopefully we have deer and elk that needs to be frozen this fall.

jack became a mountain dog.

we took my parents out shooting. we only used the shotgun and shot clay pigeons. it was a lot of fun!

i’m not using it in this picture, but i shot the shotgun randy restored for me for the first time on this evening. it’s a 12 gauge single shot and has a decent recoil. let’s just say i felt it in my shoulder.

dad and i would throw clay pigeons almost simultaneously for randy. and of course he nearly always got each one.

thanks for all your help in moving us in and for the wonderful visit, mom and dad!