i know i know, there is no wedding post. that’s because i don’t have many pictures from the wedding. yet. to come later!

we had a wonderful time our honeymoon. we rented a cabin in the woods of washington state. the cabin was right on a river and had a full kitchen and a hot tub. it was relaxing and super fun. by 2pm on the first day we realized all we had done was eat brunch, menu planned and grocery shopped for the week. what can we say, we love to eat! we went to pike’s market on the first morning to stock up on fresh seafood and we stopped by a local farmer’s market to get produce. other than several hikes, white water rafting, movies and a lot of hunting shows (did you know they are on all day long?!), we cooked and ate. mmmmmmmmm on all accounts.

enjoying the view from our deck on the first morning. with coffee, of course.

getting local and in-season produce at a small farmer’s market

fish at pike’s market! we got salmon, cod and shrimp.

we had brunch at this restaurant our first morning – randy got black pepper biscuits and gravy. he liked them so much he left a comment card at the table raving about how good they were. my pancakes were delicious too!

cooking the first of many meals in the cabin

the first meal: battered cod, potatoes & onions and salad.

a hike to a beautiful waterfall

the rings! with “1 Cor 13” engraved inside of them.

cooking with a view

salmon, asparagus, rice and salad (simple, but so tasty!). and plum wine that my now in-laws gave me for my birthday 1.5 years ago. they said it would taste even better with age so i’ve been saving it for something special. and if your honeymoon isn’t a special time for a good bottle of wine, i don’t know when is.

another view of the kitchen


this is not our raft, but this is the class V rapid we did. we went back the next day to watch other rafts run it and take pictures.

someone caught me on camera

a beautiful hike we did our last full day in washington. we only saw 3 people the whole way up. and i may or may not have fallen flat on my face at one point.

in fear of this blog post exploding (because that has happened before when i posted too many pictures), that’s all there is picture wise. looking forward to every day life and vacations with randy for as long as we both shall live.