a few quote-ables

at least quotes that i don’t want to forget!

from the honeymoon:

i’m in one room of the cabin, randy was talking in another room and i said: “are you talking to me?” to which he replied, “who else would i be talking to?” good point.


while discussing our love for cooking:

randy: “remember when we built venison stew together?”

me: “no, but i remember making venison stew. really, build venison stew?”

randy: “whatever. it was good.”


once back in missoula we began/continued to unpack things in our house. my parents are graciously driving out lots of furniture and more. we can’t wait to make this more like a home! at one point during the day randy said, “look, babe. our clothes are in the same closet! that’s cool.” i couldn’t agree more 🙂