memorial day with a view

i realize that memorial day is much more than a day off of work (although that doesn’t always happen) and BBQ’s. i am thankful for both my grandpa’s, randy and the many others who have served in the military.

that said, randy and i were also thankful for some extra time together this afternoon. i only worked a half day and he had the whole day off, so in between wedding planning and helping him move furniture we took a break – we drove to the top of a mountain (literally), made a fire, cooked dinner and enjoyed the view. you could see all of missoula from where we were. the weather was having some major mood swings – rain, then hail, then sun, then more hail, then more run, then a bit more sun, completed by a double rainbow. was a refreshing evening.

that’s my excited/silly face – happy to be cooking dinner over a fire, on top of a mountain. and with randy.

12 days until we’re husband and wife!

this was either a rain or hail moment

potatoes and veggie burgers. also had baked beans. then almond & sea salt dark chocolate for dessert. mmmmmmm.

why not eat right out of the cast iron pan?

randy’s family has a tradition of drinking hot tang with a bit of whisky while they’re camping. let me tell you, it’s not only tasty, but is especially enjoyable when it’s cold outside.


saw 6 mule deer buck on the drive down the mountain. unfortunately it’s too late get a mule deer tag for this district (for the fall) but it was still neat to see them.