mossberg .308

guns. i never liked them but i also didn’t know anything about them. i will say that i have grown to appreciate and respect the use of guns for hunting wild game. last year i used an older semi-automatic to get a deer. it was a heavier gun but it got the job done. randy has been wanting to get me a rifle that can handle deer or elk. after shopping around (yes, i even went to a gun show with him), he found a great deal online: a mossberg .308. it’s a fairly lightweight bolt action rifle. and i must say, it’s a good looking gun (i can’t believe i just said that). tonight i shot it for the first time; we drove down some dirt roads deep in to the woods and created a temporary shooting range. it was quite enjoyable.

and in case one gun wasn’t enough i now own two guns. randy surprised me with a shotgun – he restored his old shotgun. he stripped the stock, refinished the wood and touched up the metal. he even carved what will be my new initials (CRK – 34 days!) in to the bottom of the stock. a very thoughtful surprise. now i need to get a turkey!

creating a target

my first shot on this gun

wasn’t too bad of a view, either!

got it mostly sighted in and enjoyed a beautiful evening with randy (who is a wonderful and patient teacher).