randy and i have started our garden! well, sort of. we’ve planted some flower, herbs and strawberries at my (soon to be our) house. otherwise we are doing most of our gardening at the house where i nanny. we spent several hours figuring out what to plant, drawing up a blueprint for the garden, etc. the fencing was bought today so now we need to literally build the garden. we’re excited!

randy color-codes the tray

planting flower seeds

randy plants some bulbs and some strawberry plants (that fallon may or may not have dug up the next day).

i took this picture today - 4 days after planting some seeds they are germinating! this is kale.

not exactly a gardening picture, but i have a thing for jars. my jar collection is growing! hopefully we'll have so many veggies this summer that we have to can some of them ­čÖé

if things actually grow/work out then we hope to have a completely local meal this summer: venison or fish, veggies, and a berry pie (made from  ingredients we harvested!).