fishing has begun!

on tuesday i went fishing for the first time this year. randy is on spring break and my work schedule is limited this week due to my nanny family being gone (also on spring break) so why not go fishing?! unfortunately it wasn’t great fishing conditions due to the water being high and fast, but we still had a good time. i needed some refreshing on tying spinners, etc., but i picked it back up. looking forward to many more days, and years, of fishing with randy.

a few casts in to the day and i already needed randy to rescue my line from catching a rock, a stick or whatever it is i caught that wasn't a fish.

i was dog sitting and what dog (in MT) doesn't want to go fishing? she did great. days like this - fishing, rushing creek, mountains, sunshine and more - are one of the things i love about MT.

randy ties a fly (loving the waders, randy!).

randy doing something he loves

you can barely see randy in this picture, but if you look closely he is casting in the middle of the creek

can’t wait to fish out my front door! that will be another month or so…