a bit of this & that

seems like a lot is going on these days with all sorts of transitions and new things happening.

today at church i noticed two people i knew/recognized from the school where i pick up the girls i nanny . it made me feel a bit more settled in missoula – i’m actually getting to know people! there are so many exciting things to do in missoula and i’m just getting my feet wet. i spend most of my time either at work, hanging out with randy and krista, wedding planning, on the trails,  or cooking (or at least wishing i were cooking). as sunny days become more frequent i am getting quite excited for summer. i didn’t realize how ready i was for the cold weather to end until we had a few warmer days. missoula is surrounded by lots of rivers and creeks which means good fishing opportunities. several people have said that i need to try fly fishing, but i’m still trying to get a hang of using a spinning rod. i don’t think it will take much convincing for me to give it a try 🙂

a few random pictures from the past few weeks:

yes, this is me at work. what 6 year old doesn't like sidewalk chalk?!

hiking on mount jumbo - a nice hike for overlooking the city.

i promise we didn't plan to both wear our MT apparel for the hike

we made some lekker post hike smoothies

i'm house sitting - randy came over and i dug out some games - we both got a good laugh out of playing "operation"!

i (by chance) got the tricky operations, thus made more $, thus i won 🙂

carrot cake pancakes - the recipe said "so you don't feel guilty eating cake for breakfast." hmmm, i love cake for breakfast! but these pancakes were tasty, too.

planning our garden!

making avocado-pesto sauce

ta da! was pretty good, but next time i would alter the recipe: less avocado and more basil.

signing off the blogosphere for now…