maybe i should stick to running

how could i forget to post a birkebeiner picture? perhaps because it was a 50K cross-country ski race that i wasn’t able to train for and somehow i thought it was a good idea to give it a shot. i actually don’t regret it, despite the throbbing arch pain in my foot and dropping out of the race at 32K. i enjoyed it here and there and i really really wanted to finish, but i decided that it wasn’t worth the pain, i was cutting it close for making the course cut off time and i hadn’t trained, so it was ok to stop (right?). it became a mental battle at the end, but i’m glad i dropped out. and i’m glad i tried. perhaps i’ll train for and complete the race next year 🙂 regardless, it was a great trip to wisconsin with randy’s family.

at the start of the birkie. still smiling 🙂 the smile didn't last all that long. i kept thinking throughout the race, "i wish i could just be running this course."