blog catch up

minus the birthday post it’s been a while since lifeislekker updated the good ol’ blog. things have been rather busy with a move, new job, wedding planning, etc. lots of exciting transitions. i am nannying nearly full time; i’m thankful for work and a flexible schedule. it’s been fun to explore missoula. haven’t spent much time in town, mostly on the trails. despite the lack of “chatting over” posts, randy and i are still thoroughly enjoying and appreciating our sunday pre-marital book chats. we typically get to cook a few meals together each week; our class/work schedules are opposite of each other but we get pretty creative with spending time together. it’s been great to hang out with krista and get her expert thoughts on all that missoula has to offer. now who wants to come visit? πŸ™‚

random pictures from the last month or so:

enjoying the super bowl at lumberjack salon (yes, that is a tree stump swing!)

we tried to rent a smaller moving truck but they didn't have one so we got this huge one for the same price. but it was larger than life and not fun to drive (but randy did great!). nice to be sleeping in a bed again.

got all the venison moved (my deer and randy's). there isn't room for anything else in the freezer! we're going to have to get a separate chest freezer, especially if one of us gets an elk next year πŸ™‚

randy and i drove to idaho for a valentine's dinner at this lodge.

thankfully i no longer have to drive to this forest service picnic area to use the bathroom - so nice to have running water in my own house! had to take a picture with the fort fizzle sign, though.

one saturday afternoon randy, krista and i drove to idaho to enjoy some natural hot springs. 'twas wonderfully relaxing.

nature at its best.

randy and i often go on sunday afternoon hikes with the dogs. and i love it.

we also like to cook meals together on sunday. one sunday afternoon (when i still didn't have a kitchen) randy and i stopped by the grocery store. he randomly decided that chicken parmesan sounded good for dinner so we bought what we thought may be necessary ingredients and threw something together. put it over rice and it turned out great! i love cooking with randy.

and i also love it when randy cooks for me! after a 10+ hour work day, randy had gone to my house to let the dogs out. and then he cooked a delicious meal for me to come home to: bbq chicken, lemon pepper asparagus, biscuits, spinach salad, pickles, red wine and ice-cream. i loved it all, especially how it was all displayed so nicely πŸ™‚ well done, randy. you're the best.