flowers in a nalgene

like i said, randy has been incredibly supportive the past week as unexpected things have come my/our way.

we are still trying to figure out how to keep the dogs from destroying things while i’m at work (let’s just say that a few items have been chewed, including my nalgene, some clothes, my phone, randy’s tackle kit and more). you can only sort of blame a 100+lb dog that gets left inside all day. hopefully we can figure a way to keep them contained outside for long periods of time.

anyway, randy came to the house while i was still at work to let the dogs out. and then i came back to the house to find beautiful fresh flowers in a new nalgene with a thoughtful note that ended with “p.s. there’s ice cream in the freezer.” one of my favorite kinds: haagen das dulce de leche. what a fun surprise! we ate the ice cream with measuring spoons because my silverwear is still at my old house. classy.

please don't chew on this nalgene, fallon 🙂

flowers in a nalgene? love it. i went to bed smiling.