not your usual rental property 2

the rental house saga continues and i think it will for at least a month longer. the damage was more significant than the contractors first thought. the house is still drying out and they can’t fix the plumbing and turn the water on without installing the water heater or they risk another pipe bursting in the cold weather (please no). anyway, i’ll spare the blogosphere from all the details. being a lover of pictures i’ve been trying to document this crazy adventure:

i may not have running water, but thanks to a warmer day the snow on the roof started melting. i placed buckets under the corners and what do you know, i collected enough water to flush the toilet! in other words, for the first time since moving in i was able to use the toilet in the house 🙂

collecting water for the dogs

we bought a (used) washing machine! not that we can use it right now, but you can't pass up a good deal on such a necessary purchase

the current "kitchen"

the fridge and cabinets (on top) all in one! and the water source to the right

before i had collected enough water to force flush the toilet i was driving to the nearest forest service picnic site to use the bathroom there. i went out to my car yesterday morning to do just that to find a completely flat tire. apparently there was a nail in it. i was hoping i could simply have air added to it (roadside assistance on my insurance is paying off!), but...

it wasn't fixable. i drove in to town using the spare and took it to a tire shop. bad news: the alignment on my car is so messed up that it keeps ruining tires (i've bought 8 tires in 2 years). essentially the entire back end of my car is messed up and it's not worth fixing. i had to buy 2 rear tires so that it's drive-able but they are just going to wear down uneven. in other words, i need a car. let the search begin...

a lot going on right now. hoping to find a new car and a temporary place to live (with the dogs) soon. curious to see what works out. i am reminded to be thankful for health, a new job, great family and friends and a fiance who continues to be incredibly helpful and supportive. not having running water while camping is no biggie; in fact, it’s expected. being in a house without a use-able toilet, shower or sink makes me realize how much i take running water for granted and i can’t help but think of the millions of people in the world who do not have access to clean water, let alone running water. i have it pretty good, really. don’t get me wrong, i’ve been frustrated and done my share of venting. staying positive lasted for about 12 hours yesterday and then i became quite cranky and overwhelmed by it all. glad Someone gives us new mercies every morning.