not your usual rental property

well, i am officially living in missoula! perhaps i should say semi-officially. i am renting a 3 bedroom house at the base of the mountains and just 30 yards from an awesome trout fishing creek. and i’m only about an hour away from some hot springs across the idaho border. this is the house that randy and i will first live in when we’re married. randy will be living with his sister this semester but he graciously began the process of moving in to the house while i was in egypt. that’s when this whole adventure began…

when randy arrived at the house a little over a week ago, the master bedroom was completely flooded – water was spraying down from the ceiling, ceiling tiles were hanging down, etc. our landlords live out of state so no one had been in the house the past few weeks to notice that a pipe had burst. yikes. the brief version from there is that the master bedroom has been completely gutted and is only studs. some water got in to the kitchen walls so they have torn out the sink, some of the cabinets, the counters, etc. as renters we don’t have to pay for any of this (phew!) but there are a few challenging aspects: there is currently no running water in the house. they can’t turn the water on until they finish drying out the flooded part so they can put in a water heater and fix the plumbing. if we didn’t have two dogs i would simply stay somewhere else but max and fallon need a place to live too!

if it weren’t for randy i would probably be stressed beyond stressed by all of this. new job, new town, new house and no water. i will be bumming showers off of krista (randy’s sister and where he is living) until we get water. as for going to the bathroom, if i really have to go (you know what i mean 🙂 ), i drive to the closest gas station, which is about 4 miles away. but this morning i had a brilliant idea, if i do say so myself. there is a forest service picnic area just 2 miles from our house and they leave the bathrooms unlocked in the winter, even stocked with toilet paper! so now i have a 2 mile drive to a toilets instead of 4 🙂 the simple pleasures.  they are hoping there will be water in the house by the end of the week. i’m trying not to count on it. this weekend i drive back to eureka and load up all my furniture. it’s the air mattress until then…

more on the new job later. first a few pics:

my new roommates

randy was showing me around the house, how stuff works, etc. we're both a fan of the classic MT shower curtain

taking the boys for a morning walk up our street

making coffee on the stove because we have no kitchen (bought jugs of water at the gas station)

thanks for setting up the phone (no cell service), internet and more, randy! you’re the best.