extended trip to illinois

because i am in between jobs i was able to spend 2+ weeks in illinois for christmas and new year. it was great to have extended time with family and friends. randy joined me for the final 10 or so days. we did a lot of wedding planning, hanging out and eating good food. a few pictures:

cheering on illinois basketball at the first home big 10 game

family soccer game with some friends. we were all pathetically tired after an hour of soccer

randy, dad and i went bowling one night. i lost the first game miserably but came back to win the second!

bringing in the new year! happy 2012.

hiking trail 3 at turkey run state park - a family favorite

we like each other 🙂

part of wedding planning included purchasing a wedding dress! randy didn't (and doesn't) get to see it, but he was allowed to be in the picture once the dress was in a bag