chatting over…pizza

randy and i love pizza. hence we will most likely be serving pizza at our wedding.

when we were first dating we went out to eat after church on sundays. initially we each ordered our own thing until we discovered that the cafe made unique pizzas that were not on the menu. our favorite: buffalo wing pizza. it’s a blue cheese based pizza with buffalo wing chicken chunks, celery and carrots. and of course cheese. sounds odd but it’s delicious! and since this is our last sunday in town (quick version of future post: we’re moving to missoula!), we decided to take a trip down memory lane and order a buffalo wing pizza. add to that discussing another chapter in the pre-marital counseling book and a mint chocolate brownie and you’ve got another wonderful sunday afternoon!

the most uniquely delicious pizza in town. our second favorite is the "desperado," which is sausage, feta cheese, sweet peppers and tomatoes.

dip it in ranch dressing and you've got yourself a truly cholesterol filled tasty meal

our first christmas together...this is after a long day of eating and hanging out with family (hence the awesome hair). excited to head to IL next!