the blue pot

i have never been so excited about a pot. but this isn’t just any cooking pot. it’s cast iron. and not just cast iron, it’s beautiful blue enamel cast iron. if you’ve never cooked with cast iron you’re missing out (in my humble opinion). this pot is not just for the stove – it can also be used in the oven! but i must confess something about this pot: it was a bridal shower gift to me. i never imagined i would use such a gift pre-wedding, but randy and i decided such a wonderful pot shouldn’t sit in a box for the next 6 months. and we are both going to enjoy the chili it produces tonight so it’s still an “us” item. thanks to our friends who got us the blue pot! it will be used tons, especially on these cozy MT winter nights.

browning the ground turkey and sauteing the colored peppers

i just keep looking at it sitting on the stove. i think i'm falling in love with a blue cast iron pot.

this is not what is typically happening while cooking. randy made dinner for me many nights the past two weeks as i've been working longer days and have a lot going on (to be posted about later!). he more than deserves a nap while i make some chili tonight. just knowing he's in the house is comforting. can't wait to live together when we're married!

isn't it beautiful?

call me crazy, but this pot is awesome.