chatting over stew and bread

randy and i have have a pre-marriage book that has been recommended to us that we will be going through together in the coming months. we have decided to do it on sunday afternoons and today is our first day. through informal chats we have already discussed the importance of sharing meals together – we want to be intentional about making and eating meals as a family. i like the idea of having a big sunday meal after church; whether that is something we do regularly, i decided that today would be a good day to thaw some venison and make stew in the crock pot. i’ve never used a crock pot before, but i’ve been enjoying the smells all afternoon!

venison stew with carrots, onions, potatoes and garlic, cooked in broth. i added some red wine and various spices. hope it turns out well.

a simple beer bread recipe - it's nice because you don't have to use yeast, thus there is no "letting it rise" process. the yeast in the beer does the work and adds a nice tangy flavor.

we both love to cook and have people over for meals. we look forward to having a home of our own for you to come visit!