mom and dad visit!

mom and dad were able to spend a long weekend in montana! it was wonderful to have them here. we went on hikes, ate great food, spent time with randy and his family, cut up my deer and more. it was great; wish it could happen more often!

dad, april, max and i enjoy a hike to a fire look out (mom took the picture)

and then we enjoyed a hike higher in the mountains - with snow!

enjoying lunch near the top

hiking back cut up my deer!

skinning my deer

steaks, prime stew meat, "just stew meat," roasts and ground. mmmmm.

max and fallon want to know if they get some venison (they did)

eating venison filets. so good. and so satisfying that i got that meat.

we labeled the packages "CP" but this one is labeled "CK" - to be eaten after the wedding! 🙂

was great having you here, mom and dad!