i got a buck and more

hunting season is officially here! opening day for rifle season was october 22nd but you can hunt with a rifle earlier than that in some wilderness areas. randy has been at his grandparent’s hunting camp in the bob marshall wilderness for the past month or so. i have been wanting to experience hunting camp but didn’t think it would work this fall. but then randy said he would make it work if i could simply get a 4 day weekend. i was so excited when i got approval for a thursday/friday off, resulting in a 4 day weekend i could go in to the bob marshall.

on thursday i drove 4 hours and then rode a horse for 13 miles through mountains. the fall colors were amazing. the creek crossings were probably my favorite part. then on friday randy took me hunting. we essentially hiked straight up a mountain, initially seeing few signs of deer. we enjoyed lunch on a ridge and then found fairly fresh tracks of a buck (i only had a buck tag). we tracked the buck for a while but then we thought we lost the tracks. we decided to continue hiking around the ravine we were in and then we spotted the buck bedded down. i couldn’t figure out where to shoot it laying down but randy said, “as soon as it notices we’re here it will stand up. he won’t run, he’ll just stand up. then you can get a shot off.” sure enough, the buck stood up, i sighted in, took the shot and the buck jumped straight up and ran off.  about 10 seconds later we heard a crash and we assumed/hoped it was the buck falling down. we waited a bit more then went to where the buck had been standing. there was a blood trail that we followed and sure enough, about 40 yards away was the buck. in other words: i shot a buck! i got a double lung shot so it didn’t suffer. perhaps this is too many details for many of you. i wasn’t sure what to think of hunting but for me it was a very positive experience. randy field dressed (gutted) the deer and we hiked back to camp.

on saturday afternoon randy and his uncle took the horses to where we had left the carcass to pack the deer back to camp. i stayed in camp, mostly playing solitaire (the card game of choice in hunting camp. or poker if there is someone else to play). when randy came back in to camp he was all smiles. i asked him why and he said there was a cool blizzard in the mountains. i thought nothing of it. little did i know that he was smiling because he couldn’t wait to ask me to marry him (this is what he told me later). a bit later we were making a fire as the sun began to set. we were simply talking and enjoying each others company like we would any other time we hang out. then randy informed me that i had ruined his plans by shooting a buck the day before; he said he was planning to take me horseback riding to the top of limestone mountain that day with the intention of asking me to marry him when we got to the top. i was in shock, in a good way. then he said, “now is as good a time as any.” he got down on one knee, took my hand and said, “carrie rose, will you marry me?” he pulled out a wooden ring he had carved and put it on my finger. unfortunately i’m a bad fiance and i broke the ring pushing it on to my finger. ahhhhhhhhhh. anyway, i was beaming and said YES 🙂 we couldn’t stop smiling. and i’m still smiling.

we came out of the wilderness the next day and called our families to share the exciting news. and since then it’s been so fun to tell people! I’M GETTING MARRIED! i love you, randy. and i can’t wait to marry you.

taking a break from hiking up the mountain. and enjoying the view.

my first deer!

this was our view for most of the hike/hunt. beautiful.

happy engaged couple

so happy to be in the wilderness...and engaged!

and now it’s time for wedding planning!