a montana wedding

wow. what a celebration. i left for a friend’s wedding at 3:15 pm yesterday and got home at noon today. don’t misinterpret that – i did not party all night long (though there was a lot of dancing!). guests were invited to camp in the meadow so i did! and this morning was complete with coffee, breakfast burritos and leftover pie. mmm.

it was a beautiful location, ceremony, meal and in general celebration. even max was invited! there were dogs running around during the ceremony; max even went up to the altar a few times. the bride’s family and friends grew most of the food for the wedding (for 250+ people!): potatoes, carrots, kale, squash and more. and they roasted two pigs. delicious. add to that home brew, homemade wine and hours of dancing and you’ve got yourself a party!

haley and april...housemates!

randy and me 🙂

maximus, happy as can be

tables in the tent

headed out to set up my tent in between the ceremony and meal

not too bad of a view...for a wedding or for camping

i was thankful for my -20 degree sleeping bag...there was a frost last night. but hearing there was hot coffee ready motivated us to get out of the tent 🙂